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   This page is here to supply some general information about the growing number of various domains now available to the Internet. These domains are known as TLD's 'Top Level Domains'. They are provided as the main World Wide Web domains, international in stature. The most significant and distinctive of these is the dot.Com '.com', others in the list are ranked lower in status but are still World Wide Web domains.

   There is also a list of country specific domains known as CLD's 'Country Level Domains'; these have a two-letter suffix preceded by a dot. Further division of can be as follows |,, Australia |,, United Kingdom |,, South Africa and so forth. There are many more of these sub-domains this is just a few examples shown here. For a larger list of Country Level Domains
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Top Level Domains., For worldwide recognition, was originally for companies but now anything goes. 
 Operated by Verisign Global Registry Services., Was suppose to be for internet services but as typical now 'anythings goes'. 
 Operated by Verisign Global Registry Services., Was suppose to be for 'non-profit' organisations but that is now becoming clouded. 
 Operated by Public Interest Registry. Is Operated By VeriSign.  
 Now A Worldwide Domain TLD, Was A 'CLD' Country Domain for Tuvalu, Should be for offering information services, will that prove to be the case? 
 Operated by Afilias Limited., Was suppose to be restricted to businesses but as typical now 'anythings goes'. 
 Operated by NeuLevel., Restricted to individuals, what name personal or company? 
 Operated by Global Name Registry., Restricted to cooperatives, not quiet true.  
 Sponsored by Dot Cooperation LLC.,Restricted to the global aviation community. 
 Sponsored by Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques SC (SITA), Restricted to licensed professionals. 
 Operated by RegistryPro., The Society for Human Resource Management - AdminIn: Alexandria, Virginia, United States, The Travel Partnership Corporation - AdminIn: New York, New York, United States, Restricted to museums and related persons. 
 Sponsored by the Museum Domain Management Association (MuseDoma)., For recognized institutions and agencies in US Education. 
 Administered through EduCause., Exclusively for the United States Government. 
 Operated by the US General Services Administration., is the admin for .gov but is the site available for public access, Exclusively for the United States Military. 
 Operated by the US DoD Network Information Center., is the admin for .mil, but AF_mil, American Airforce is the site available for public access, is the admin for .mil, but Army_mil, American Army is the site available for public access, is the admin for .mil, but Navy_mil, American Navy is the site available for public access, Represents organizations reconised by international treaties between governments. 
 Operated by the IANA .int Domain Registry. 

 DotAsia, Organisation Limited Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR - AdminIn: China 
 Dot.mail, The Anti-Spam Community Registry - AdminIn: London, United Kingdom, Universal Postal Union (UPU) - AdminIn: Bern, Switzerland, Telname Ltd - AdminIn: London, United Kingdom. - AdminIn: Melville, New York, United States., The International Foundation for Online Responsibility - AdminIn: Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Mobi JV (working name) - AdminIn: Helsinki, Finland, Proposed Sponser: Fundació puntCAT - AdminIn: N/A 

Additional Informative Domains
 W3_org, The World Wide Web Consortium, HTML Specification And Development 
 The Web Standards Project, Internet Development 
 Unicode Consortium, Characters And Symbols Code 
 IANA, Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (Domains) Coordinator 
 ICANN, Internet Corporation For Assigned Names And Numbers (Domains) Admin 
 InterNIC, Accredited Registrars List, RegFirms For Top Level Domains 
 ISOC, Internet Society, Community For Web Development 
 W3_org, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, From The WWW Consortium 
 Hakatai_Mcli_Dist_Maricopa_edu, Tutor, Index, Writing HTML 
 HTML Help_com, WDG, Web Design Group, Web Design And Development 
 Jigsaw_W3_org, CSS-Validator, From The World Wide Web Consortium 
 Validator_W3_org, XHtml, From The World Wide Web Consortium 
 ITEF, The Internet Engineering Task Force, Internet Development 
 IESG, The Internet Engineering Steering Group, Internet Development 
 Security_Kolla_de, SpyBot Search & Destroy, Net Security, Robots Removal, Excellent, Donate If You Use 
 Net-Integration_net, Security Forum 
 Spamhaus_org, AntiSpam Organisation 
 Spamcop_net, AntiSpam Programme 
 About Cookies, A Guide To Deleting And Controlling Cookies 
 Microsoft_com, Security, Provides Patches For Security Problems 
 Windows UpDate, Scans And Provides Window Files 
 Tiny URL, Provides Help For Security And General PC Problems 
 Creative Commons_org, Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 
 Open Content_org, Open Publication License 

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